360D Dataset - 360 Indoor Scenes with Ground Truth Depth Annotations

360D Dataset Overview

The 360 dataset provides 360° color images of indoor scenes along with their corresponding ground truth depth annotations. This dataset is composed from renders of other publicly available textured 3D datasets of indoor scenes. Specifically, it contains renders from two Computer Generated (CG) datasets, SunCG, SceneNet, and two realistic ones, acquired by scanning indoor building, Stanford2D3D, and Matterport3D. The 360° renders are produced by utilizing a path-tracing renderer and placing a spherical camera and a uniform light source at the same position in the scene.


The figure above provides a representative sample of the dataset. To view the color image and its corresponding depth map, just move the slider left and right. To change scene click the left or right arrows.


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If you use the 360D data or models please cite:

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Details and Download


The 360 dataset is a derivative of the following datasets:

and therefore it is a subject to each respective source dataset’s license: SunCG, SceneNet, Matterport3D, Stanford2D3D.


Access to the 360D dataset requires to agree with the terms and conditions for each of the 3D model datasets that were used to create (i.e. render) this 360 color/depth image dataset.
Therefore, in order to grant you access to this dataset, we need you to fill this request form.
After completing this form and requesting access from Zenodo, you will be granted access to this Zenodo repository to download the 360D dataset.


The 360 dataset contains a total of 12072 realistic (scanned) scenes and 10024 CG scenes. Specifically:

  • Matterport3D: 10659 scenes
  • Stanford2D3D: 1413 scenes
  • SunCG: 9690 scenes
  • SceneNet: 334 scenes


  1. Color & Depth image pairs:
    • RGB images (.png)
    • Depth images (.exr)
  2. Pre-trained models (caffe hdf5 weights & deploy prototxt net):
    • UResNet
    • RectNet
  3. Tools:
    • generate_dataset.py: python (3.5.4) script is provided that helps with creating .txt files interactively in order to select different parts of each source dataset, and creating train and test splits in the following format:
                              path/to/rgb0.png path/to/corresponding/depth0.exr
                              path/to/rgb0.png path/to/corresponding/depth1.exr
  4. Train and Test splits


The script for calculating the corrected Single Image Depth Metrics can be found here.

Contact Information

For any question concerning the 360D dataset, please contact: nzioulis@iti.gr and/or ankarako@iti.gr

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