3D holoscopic content processing

3D VIVANT endeavours to provide a new form of 3D capture and manipulation. Its unique content form shall be available to the public with a 3D glass-less technology and which can be seen as an evolutionary step to current3D viewing technology.

To that effect 3D VIVANT proposes to use advanced 3D Holoscopic imaging methodology, which uses the principle of “Fly’s eye” and hence allows natural viewing of objects (i.e. fatigue free viewing). 3D Holoscopic content is captured using an array of microlenses in a single aperture camera setup and hence conventional live capture and display procedures can be adopted [AmarMM]. In holoscopic content 3D objects can exist in space in front or behind the display screen hence making 3D Holoscopic content a more realistic representation of real physical objects.

However, due its uniqueness, holoscopic content requires sophisticated image processing techniques. In order to take advantage of the rich in 3D information contained in the content, we have developed sophisticated algorithms for depth extraction, on the concept of restraining a graph-cut optimization, with the use of well established correspondences that are called anchor points. Further, we have developed low level holoscopic feature extraction algorithms that make use both of the texture and depth information found in the holscopic images, for indexing purposes.


Relevant Project

3D liVe Immerse Video Audio iNteractivemulTimedia

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