3D Object Retrieval

The VCL group has developed several algorithms for 3D object descriptor extraction and application to 3D object retrieval. These algorithms have been experimentally evaluated using different benchmark datasets.

The first one was compiled from the Internet by us and it is called “the ITI database” (http://3d-test.iti.gr:8080/3d-test/download/ITI.zip). It consists of 544 3D models classified in 13 different categories: 27 animals, 17 spheroid objects, 64 conventional airplanes, 55 delta airplanes, 54 helicopters, 48 cars, 12 motorcycles, 10 tubes, 14 couches, 42 chairs, 45 fish, 53 humans, and 103 other models. This choice reflects primarily the shape of each object and secondarily its function. The average numbers of vertices and triangles of the models in the new database are 5080 and 7061, respectively.

The second dataset, the “Princeton Shape Benchmark (PSB)” (http://shape.cs.princeton.edu/benchmark/), was formed in Princeton University and it consists of 907 3D models classified into 35 main categories. This classification reflects primarily the function of each object and secondarily its form.

The third dataset, the “Engineering Shape Benchmark (ESB)” (https://engineering.purdue.edu/PRECISE/research/ShapeLab), contains a total of 867 3D CAD models from the mechanical engineering domain. They are classified into 3 main classes: 107 flat-thin wall components, 281 rectangular-cubic prism and 479 solids of revolution.

Additionally, several datasets of Shape Retrieval Contest (SHREC) have been used for evaluation of our algorithms. SHREC contest started in 2006 as an initiative of the AIM@SHAPE Network of Excellence (http://www.aimatshape.net/event/SHREC/), with the objective to evaluate the effectiveness of 3D-shape retrieval algorithms. The SHREC datasets used in our algorithms are given below:


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