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OpenZoo is an open-source, MIT licensed, distributed, stream/batch processing framework. OpenZoo enables the development of processing topologies with minimum configuration on easy-to-use User Interfaces. Multiple languages and cross-platform support enables the creation of complex topologies, deployed either in cloud infrastructures or shared in available PCs in a lab environment. The current distribution consists of a java service template, a management GUI and several test services for demonstrating the use of the framework. Templates for C++ and Python will be soon available.


 I-SEARCH multi-modal engine

The multimodal search engine is up and running:

The I-SEARCH project aims to provide a novel unified framework for multimodal content indexing, sharing, search and retrieval. The I-SEARCH framework will be able to handle specific types of multimedia and multimodal content (text, 2D image, sketch, video, 3D objects and audio) alongside with real world information, which can be used as queries and retrieve any available relevant content of any of the aforementioned types.

3D furniture search


The “3D furniture search” android app can be downloaded from:
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Practice your dance

3Dlife Kinect

Practice you dance in an immersive environment using your Kinect:



Access the protein retrieval tool here