Lab Distinctions

Lab Distinctions

IEEE coding IG

IEEE coding IG IEEE MMTC Image, Video and Mesh coding Interest Group   Chair: Petros Daras, CERTH/Information Technologies Institute, Greece Vice-chairs: Aljoscha Smolic, Disney Research Zurich, Switzerland Paulo Nunes, University Institute of Lisbon/Instituto de Telecomunicações, Portugal Ebroul Izquierdo, Queen Mary University of London, UK Advisor: Aggelos Katsaggelos, Northwestern University & Motorola Center for Seamless Communications, USA IG Scope: The Image, Video and Mesh Coding (IMVIMEC) Interest Group provides a forum for discussion on a variety of IMVIMEC related activities and…

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Distinguished paper IEEE MMTC

  The following paper was selected as a distinguished paper from the IEEE MMTC committee and its analysis can be found here: IEEE MMTC R-Letter Vol 4, No 3, June2013, D. Alexiadis, D. Zarpalas, P. Daras, “Real-time, full 3-D reconstruction of moving foreground objects from multiple consumer depth cameras“, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, VOL. 15, NO. 2, pp. 339-358, February 2013 Abstract: Multi-party 3D Tele-Immersive (TI) environments, supporting realistic interaction among distant users, is the future of tele-conferencing. Real-time, full-body 3D reconstruction,…

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IEEE-IVMSP2013 Best Paper Award

  D. Alexiadis, D. Zarpalas, P. Daras, “Real-time, Realistic Full-body 3D Reconstruction and Texture Mapping from Multiple Kinects” 11th IEEE IVMSP Workshop: 3D Image/Video Technologies and Applications, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea, 10-12 June 2013

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Visual Computing Lab

The focus of the Visual Computing Laboratory is to develop new algorithms and architectures for applications in the areas of 3D processing, image/video processing, computer vision, pattern recognition, bioinformatics and medical imaging.

Contact Information

Dr. Petros Daras, Principal Researcher Grade Α
1st km Thermi – Panorama, 57001, Thessaloniki, Greece
P.O.Box: 60361
Tel.: +30 2310 464160 (ext. 156)
Fax: +30 2310 464164