Managing Affective-learning THrough Intelligent atoms and Smart InteractionS

“From Linear Storytelling to Education Everywhere, All the Time”


An educational product-system

  • Integrated multi-agent interactive platform
  • Reusable learning components guiding learning activities
  • Adaptive & affective learning, automatic learning analytics, automatic learner’s progress and behavioral state assessment, game-based learning
  • Cutting-edge technologies: specialized robots, mobile devices, interactive whiteboards


  • Beyond linear education and simple social skill acquisition
  • Learning across a variety of learning contexts, learners’ styles and target learners
  • Applicable in formal, non-formal and informal education
  • Enhances non-linearity in learning
  • Enables knowledge and experience sharing
  • Personalized and adaptable, time and location independent learning



The MaTHiSiS learning approach will focus on relating learning elements (SLAs) with specific Learning Goals in graph structures (LGs).


  • Learning Graph(s) (LGs): particular interrelated competences learners need to acquire to achieve a specific learning objective
  • Smart Learning Atoms (SLAs): atomic and complete pieces of learner knowledge and/or skills

Tools that will steer the fulfillment of learning include:

  • An ontology modelling learning activities and relevant information about them
  • A graph-based interactive storytelling engine, that generates interactive content which materializes learning activities
  • Synchronous and asynchronous collaboration between devices


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