Funding Organization: EU
Funding Programme: IPA Cross-border programme
Funding Instrument: IPA cross-border programme ‘Greece-The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 2007-2013’
Start Date:
Duration: 15 months
Total Budget: 661,160 EUR
ITI Budget: 146,408.32 EUR

AITOLOS stands for “Cross-border collaboration to fight illegal logging and timber trade to protect trans-boundary Greek-F.Y.R.O.M. ecosystems”. It is a project funded under the IPA Cross-border programme. AITOLOS aims to answer the need for integrated regional action on monitoring forests in order to minimize Illegal logging and the cross-border trade in illegally logged timber, which is currently a major concern among many countries worldwide.

The AITOLOS project aims to foster cross-border collaboration and coordinate the activities of Greece and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia against illegal logging and timber trade. Specifically, AITOLOS contributions are towards the following directions:

(a)  Assess current legal framework and define specific recommendations for enhancing legal and regulatory framework in order to fully address legal aspects of illegal logging/trade.

(b)  Develop policy guidelines for addressing illegal logging, with a special focus on cross-border timber trade.

(c)  Develop an operational plan across participating border regions for implementing policy/guidelines, including the technical specifications, stakeholders roles, monitoring mechanism, timetable and budget.

(d)  Engage in communication and dissemination activities at regional,national and European level, presenting developed policy guidelines and regional operational plan.

(e)  Conduct two implementation pilots, one per country, in order to assess project results in real-world situations. Pilots will run in forest offices of Goumenissa and Bitola.