In this work, an innovative application for tracking athletes of weightlifting is presented. A biomechanical software is developed by using a depth sensing input device, i.e., the Kinect sensor. Through this software, weightlifting coaches are assisted to improve theirs athletes’ techniques. In more detail, an “electronic” coach assistant is created, for the weightlifting sport and the weightlifting athlete attempt is monitored, so as to assist a coach in order to better train athletes as she/he prefers. The aim is to detect, collect and extract useful data, which give insight about the body technique during the weightlifting attempt and therefore make all the necessary calculations. The important information for a coach is: the position, the angle and the velocity of the weightlifting bar, the angle of the athlete’s knee as well as the start and end time of the attempt. After any attempt, data can be saved and loaded at any time. 2D and 3D graphs are used to illustrate the relevant information. Finally, two attempts can be loaded in parallel for comparison between two different athletes or between a new and a previously registered attempt, giving the ability for matching and correcting different techniques.


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A.  Chatzitofis, N. Vretos, D. Zarpalas, P. Daras“Three-dimensional Monitoring of Weightlifting for Computer Assisted Training “, 15th International Meeting & Conferences on Virtual Reality & Converging Technologies, Laval, France, 20 – 24 March 2013