The Visual Computing Lab 3DLIVE project in the Greek Newspaper Aggelioforos

3DLive-newspaperThe Visual Computing Lab presents the achievements of the EU funded 3DLIVE project in the Greek Newspaper Aggelioforos

Innovative European technology launches the world’s first real-time mixed reality ski race, Newspaper Aggelioforos, Sunday 8 February 2015

The 3D-LIVE project targeted and managed to develop and experiment a User Driven Mixed Reality and Immersive platform in order to investigate the Future Internet (FI) broadband capacity to support Real‐Time 3D immersive situations as well as evaluating both the Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Services when users are fully immersed into Future Internet based live (sport) mixed environments.

The last prototype developed within 3D-LIVE managed to deliver a mixed reality, immersive 3D platform where users can experience, feel and interact with real environments and distant users in real-time.

 The world’s first real-time mixed reality ski race was broadcasted live at the world-leading Wearable Technologies Conference, in Munich, at the beginning of February 2015.

 The scenario:

A professional skier battled against two online gamers in the world’s first interactive mixed reality downhill ski race using technology pioneered by European researchers within 3D-LIVE. Hitting speeds of up to 100 kilometres an hour, the professional skier hurtled down the world cup ski course in Schladming, Austria, in a bid to reach the finish line before his two competitors – mixed reality gamers based in Thessaloniki, in Greece, and Munich, in Germany.

The racers used a 3D tele-immersion platform and new virtual reality technology that allowed them to compete against each other by racing down the same ski slope at the same time.  The competition is the culmination of research by the European Commission funded 3D LIVE project.

The competitors were able to interact in real-time sharing their experience in a 3D virtual environment delivered over the Internet to wearable immersive devices.

The professional skier was wearing Smart Ski Goggles with a heads up display that allowed him to see the virtual world alongside the real slope. The remote indoor competitors played fully immersed in a virtual world using Oculus Rift. By using advanced sensor and gaming technologies to create and manipulate 3D information in real-time, the platform can deliver truly interactive experiences closely linked to real world activities.

This innovative technology will open up the opportunity for new types of live games that combine digital and real interaction in many different competitive sports. 3D LIVE games have been developed for Golfers, Runners and now skiing, transforming game play and social interaction.

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