Overview OpenZoo is an open-source, MIT licensed, distributed, stream/batch processing framework. OpenZoo enables the development of processing topologies with minimum configuration on easy-to-use User Interfaces. Multiple languages and cross-platform support enables the creation of complex topologies, deployed either in cloud infrastructures or shared in available PCs in a lab environment. The current distribution consists of a java service template, a management GUI and several test services for demonstrating the use of the framework. Templates for C++ and Python will be soon available.…

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VCL participates in two new H2020 projects: PATHway & ProsocialLearn

Two new EU funded H2020 projects have just launched VCL participates in 2 new H2020 projects: PATHway — Technology enabled behavioural change as a pathway towards better self-management of CVD (2015: H2020 PHC-RIA) ProsocialLearn — Gamification of Prosocial Learning for Increased Youth Inclusion and Academic Achievement (2015: H2020 ICT – IA)

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3D Live at Wearable Technologies Conference 2015

Munich, Germany, 2-3 Feb. 2015 The world’s 1st mixed reality ski competition organized by 3DLive took place at the 15th Wearable Technologies Conference Munich, Germany, 2-3 Feb 2015. A professional skier raced at Schladming (Austria), one of the word’s famous ski slopes, against two online gamers located in Munich and Thessaloniki, Greece. All the players were immersed into the same virtual world and run against each other for the winning trophy.  The virtual world was a 3D replica of the real ski…

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Distinguished paper IEEE MMTC

The following paper was selected as a distinguished paper from the IEEE MMTC committee and its analysis can be found here: IEEE MMTC R-Letter Vol 4, No 3, June2013,   D. Alexiadis, D. Zarpalas, P. Daras, “Real-time, full 3-D reconstruction of moving foreground objects from multiple consumer depth cameras“, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, VOL. 15, NO. 2, pp. 339-358, February 2013

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Visual Computing Lab

The focus of the Visual Computing Laboratory is to develop new algorithms and architectures for applications in the areas of 3D processing, image/video processing, computer vision, pattern recognition, bioinformatics and medical imaging.

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Contact Information

Dr. Petros Daras, Research Director
6th km Charilaou – Thermi Rd, 57001, Thessaloniki, Greece
P.O.Box: 60361
Tel.: +30 2310 464160 (ext. 156)
Fax: +30 2310 464164
Email: daras(at)iti(dot)gr