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VCL Among the Winners of the Open Optimization Competition 2020

VCL has Received the Second Prize in the Open Optimization Competition 2020, Held in GECCO 2021   The Open Optimization Competition 2020 concerns code contributions made to the Nevergrad and IOHprofiler open source tools. Nevergrad is an open source platform for derivative-free optimization, while IOHprofiler is a tool for benchmarking iterative optimization heuristics such as local search variants, evolutionary algorithms, model-based algorithms, and other sequential optimization techniques. VCL’s contribution to the Nevergrad platform was the introduction of a benchmark for…

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Dr. Zarpalas and Dr. Dimou are Guest Editors of the Sensors Special Issue “Deep Learning Based UAV Detection, Classification, and Tracking”

Dr. Dimitrios Zarpalas and Dr. Anastasios Dimou are guest editors of the upcoming Sensors special issue titled “Deep Learning Based UAV Detection, Classification, and Tracking”   UAVs (a.k.a. drones) are available in a wide range of sizes and capabilities, introducing unprecedented opportunities but also threats in terms of safety, privacy, and security. While the introduction of artificial intelligence and deep learning in conjunction with hardware innovations have significantly improved the capabilities to detect and classify drones, counter-UAV systems are facing…

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Dr. Semertzidis discusses challenges in critical infrastructure protection and CERTH’s contribution in InfraStress

Dr. Theodoros Semertzidis discusses challenges in critical infrastructure protection and CERTH’s contribution in InfraStress   In an online interview with the dissemination manager of InfraStress, Dr. Theodoros Semertzidis discusses some of the challenges associated with protecting critical infrastructure as well as various technologies developed by CERTH towards this goal. More specifically, the Visual Computing Lab of CERTH is expected to deploy computer vision and machine learning solutions in order to provide automated anomaly detection and human action recognition capabilities to…

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Fake news and misinformation – FANDANGO article in CNN Greece

Η πληροφόρηση ήταν και είναι ζωτικής σημασίας για τη διαμόρφωση άποψης και λήψης αποφάσεων σε προσωπικό αλλά και σε κοινωνικό επίπεδο. Το Διαδίκτυο και τα κοινωνικά δίκτυα άλλαξαν τον τρόπο και χρόνο μετάδοσης ειδήσεων, ενώ την ίδια στιγμή το πλήθος των καναλιών πληροφόρησης αυξήθηκε ραγδαία. Στο νέο αυτό σκηνικό, η αξιολόγηση της είδησης ως αληθούς ή ψευδούς καθίσταται πολύ πιο δύσκολη αλλά και πολύ πιο σημαντική. Μεγάλος αριθμός καναλιών και χρηστών των κοινωνικών δικτύων, διαμοιράζουν εσκεμμένα ψευδείς ειδήσεις, κάποιες μάλιστα…

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Dr. Vretos is guest editor of the upcoming Sensors special issue “Smart Camera Sensor Networks”

Dr. Nicholas Vretos is guest editor of the upcoming Sensors special issue “Smart Camera Sensor Networks”   Today more than ever, we are witnessing an uncontrolled proliferation of surveillance cameras in our cities. Many of these cameras have sufficient computing power to process images autonomously and are able to communicate over high-speed networks and in the near future wirelessly over the 5G network. This grid potentially constitutes a network of intelligent cameras with great potential still largely unexplored in its…

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ICIP 2020 Top Reviewer Recognition

In 2020, for the first time, ICIP recognized the effort of the top reviewers nominated by the area chairs. On behalf of everyone involved, the head of VCL, Dr. Petros Daras, was among the 3% of reviewers to receive this distinction.

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Visual Computing Lab

The focus of the Visual Computing Laboratory is to develop new algorithms and architectures for applications in the areas of 3D processing, image/video processing, computer vision, pattern recognition, bioinformatics and medical imaging.

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