Funding Organization: European Commission
Funding Programme: Horizon H2020
Funding Instrument: Innovation Action
Start Date:
Duration: 24 months
Total Budget: 1,756,769.00 EUR
ITI Budget: 355,625.00 EUR

In many application areas including interior design, furniture retailing or renovation, communication with a customer or a future user during the planning and design phase is crucial to select the right products and configurations. Newly emerged immersive technologies, such AR, can transform this process by allowing communication in a more intuitive and interactive manner. However, creating AR experiences is a cumbersome procedure as functionalities to support content creators to place virtual content within real-world scenes are imprecise and unhandy to use, and at the same time requires a high level of expertise and IT skills. To that end, ATLANTIS will provide a unique AR-authoring tool which will enable non-expert users to easily create natural and persistent AR experiences, which combined with Diminished Reality (DR) will eventually offer unique visual experiences, allowing design professionals to convey efficiently their concepts and ideas.

ATLANTIS will support the content creation workflow in all of its stages while at the same time will leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to facilitate more productive and effective content creation, by automatically generating layouts and supporting designers in idea generation. Finally, beyond the democratisation of AR technology which will allow Europe’s SMEs to easily exploit it and capitalise on it, ATLANTIS will look for collaboration with the XR4ALL CSA in order to strengthen Europe’s XR community, by actively contributing to the XR4all existing platform.

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The focus of the Visual Computing Laboratory is to develop new algorithms and architectures for applications in the areas of 3D processing, image/video processing, computer vision, pattern recognition, bioinformatics and medical imaging.

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