Funding Organization: JRC/ISPRA
Funding Programme: Subcontracting
Funding Instrument: -
Start Date:
Duration: 4 months
Total Budget: 13,800 EUR
ITI Budget: 13,800 EUR

The main object of the project is to design and implement an automatic camera-based referee system for the AUTOTRAC challenge launched by JRC/ISPRA. AUTOTRAC is a challenge for teams of autonomous vehicles in an urban environment. The work carried out will implement the following functionalities:

• Detection and tracking of the autonomous vehicle using a camera
• Measuring the speed and distance covered for each vehicle
• Detect events of vehicles crashing or moving out of the road
• Measuring the distance kept between vehicles
• Visualize the results on a board updated in real time

The project will deliver a combination of hardware and software modules that will be used to assess the challenge participants in the JRC premises in Ispra.