Funding Organization: European Commission
Funding Programme: Horizon Europe
Funding Instrument: Research & Innovation Action
Start Date:
Duration: 36 months
Total Budget: 2,996,142.00 EUR
ITI Budget: 439,625.00 EUR

EITHOS will develop a novel Identity Theft Observatory System, empowering European citizens, Law Enforcements Agencies (LEAs), and policy makers to further contribute to the prevention, detection, and investigation of identity theft related crime. It will provide a common gateway for identity theft information and intelligence in Europe, built on top of a modern technological back end, based on two pillars: (1) Inform & Educate European citizens through the observatory itself and via innovative awareness campaigns regarding the safety of their personal data and identity; (2) Identify & address the challenges that Police Authorities face against identity theft and develop a robust software toolset to support them and enhance their investigations. The proposed system will provide easy access to information and intelligence about previous and current identity theft related trends (such as the methods that fraudsters follow to steal information, personal data protection, or the ways that victims can be supported) through its front end, while offering a cutting-edge AI-based technological toolkit via its back end. Additionally, the project will analyse the societal impact of identity theft, as well as the legal framework under which the utilisation of AI remote technologies and e-evidence exchange can be achieved. Focusing on educating civil society and addressing the obstacles that hinder LEAs to efficiently fight identity theft, EITHOS differentiates from previous projects and other market solutions which often concentrate on digital identity management and secure transactions.