Funding Organization: European Commission
Funding Programme: European Regional Development Fund
Funding Instrument: Pre-commercial Procurement
Start Date:
Duration: 18 months
Total Budget: 407.609,75 EUR
ITI Budget: 122.282,92 EUR

The project aims to develop the National Science and Studies Platform for the Recognition and Analysis of the Information Security and Information Threat (NAAS). This Platform should allow creating an efficient and modern ecosystem of science and studies enabling higher education institutions to cooperate, train public security specialists, and carry out research activities. Cooperation, studies and research activities will include:
> information security
> information and hybrid threat analyses
> integrated (internet and kinetic) information space monitoring
> analysis of potentially criminal content

The newly developed ecosystem will integrate technological, software and methodological instruments for training the specialists of integrated cyber and physical space analysis and scientific research. The ecosystem will contribute significantly to more effective mitigation of the impact of hybrid threats at the national and international levels and ensuring public security.