A Novel Peer-to-peer Payment Protocol


This paper presents a novel secure, anonymous and practical payment protocol for Peer-to-Peer commerce transactions, designed to enable every user to both buy and sell items. The protocol uses electronic cash for payment transactions. This new protocol provides consumers with full anonymity since it prevents the user from providing his/her credit card number and personal data. It is suitable for micro-payments (under 1 Euro) as well as macro-payments using cutting edge technologies in security algorithms.

Keywords: peer-to-peer, e-payment, anonymous payment.

  • P. Daras, D. Palaka, V. Giagourta, D. Bechtsis, K. Petridis, M. G. Strintzis, "A Novel Peer-to-peer Payment Protocol", IEEE EUROCON 2003, International Conference on Computer as a Tool (Invited paper), Ljubljana, Slovenia, September 2003

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