Embracing Novel ICT Technologies To Support The Journey From Camp To Job


As the numbers of refugees and migrants keep increasing at a fast pace, their social inclusion remains a challenge. The cornerstone of their inclusion is their integration in the labour market which comes with certain hurdles such as the language barrier, the difficulty in assessing and certifying their skills and many more. Although many attempts have led to the development of online platforms, all these address part of the journey from their arrival in a foreign country to their inclusion in the labour market and in the host society. We present a novel platform that aims to provide migrants with a) assistance in discovering and assessing their hard and soft skills by employing AI technologies, b) recommendations of appropriate job sectors and positions based on their profile and c) providing information about multiple practical aspects of their life. The proposed platform additionally delivers information to authorities, companies and NGOs through data analytics and supports them in reaching migrants.

  • H. C. Leligou, D. Anastosopoulos, A. Montagna, V. Solachidis, N. Vretos, "Embracing Novel ICT Technologies To Support The Journey From Camp To Job", In IEEE ICME Workshop on ICT and Multimedia Tools for Migrants Inclusion in Host societies (WIMMIH2020), London, England, July 7-11, 2020.

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