HeartHealth: New Adventures in Serious Gaming


We present a novel, low-cost, interactive, exercise-based rehabilitation system. Our research involves the investigation and development of patient-centric, sensor-based rehabilitation games and surrounding technologies. HeartHealth is designed to provide a safe, personalised and fun exercise environment that could be deployed in any exercise based rehabilitation program. HeartHealth utilises a cloud-based patient information management system built on FIWARE Generic Enablers1,and motion tracking coupled with our sophisticated motion comparison algorithms. Users can record customised exercises through a doctors interface and then play the rehabilitation game where they must perform a sequence of their exercises in order to complete the game scenario. Their exercises are monitored, recorded and compared by our Motion Evaluation software and real-time feedback is than given based on the users performance.

  • D. Monaghan, F. Honohan, E. Mitchell, N. O’Connor, A. Chatzitofis, D. Zarpalas, P. Daras, "HeartHealth: New Adventures in Serious Gaming", ACMMULTIMEDIA 2015, 26 - 30 October 2015, Brisbane, Australia

  • Full document available here.
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