Performance analysis and visualisation in tennis using a low-cost camera network


In this paper we present an innovative and novel system for tennis performance analysis that allows coaches to review a player’s match performance and provide detailed audiovisual feedback to the athlete. The system utilises a simple network of low-cost IP cameras that encompass the tennis court. A graphical user interface provides coaches with video playback feeds from multiple viewpoints, a range of intuitive tools for 2D and 3D annotation, real-time game statistics and the facility for a coach to record audio commentary. This system is specifically designed with non-professional sports clubs in mind, with an emphasis on low-cost equipment. While we focus on tennis in this work, we believe our system can be generalised to a wide range of other sports.

  • P. Kelly, C. Σ Conaire, D. Monaghan, J. Kuklyte, D. Connaghan, N. E O’Connor, J. Diego, P. Moneo Agapito, P. Daras, "Performance analysis and visualisation in tennis using a low-cost camera network", In Multimedia Grand Challenge Track at ACM Multimedia 2010, 25-29 October 2010, Firenze, Italy.

  • Full document available here.
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