SHREC’19 Protein Shape Retrieval Contest


This track aimed at retrieving protein evolutionary classification based on their surfaces meshes only. Given that proteins are dynamic, non-rigid objects and that evolution tends to conserve patterns related to their activity and function, this track offers a challenging issue using biologically relevant molecules. We evaluated the performance of 5 different algorithms and analysed their ability, over a dataset of 5,298 objects, to retrieve various conformations of identical proteins and various conformations of ortholog proteins (proteins from different organisms and showing the same activity).

  • F. Langenfeld, A. Axenopoulos, H. Benhabiles, P. Daras, A. Giachetti, X. Han, K. Hammoudi, D. Kihara, T. M. Lai, H. Liu, M. Melkemi, S. K. Mylonas, G. Terashi, Y. Wang, F. Windal, M. Montess, "SHREC’19 Protein Shape Retrieval Contest", In Proceedings of the 12th Eurographics Workshop on 3D Object Retrieval, Genova, Italy, May 5-6, 2019.

  • Full document available here.
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