Object Detection & Tracking

In computer vision applications tracking is an important aspect which involves activity analysis classification and recognition of an object and human computer interference. Human detection has many applications which had become a challenging task to reduce the distortion present in the sequence but visual tracking causes many problems in practical applications and produces different issues leading to the effect of noise or disturbance. To overcome all these drawbacks many object tracking applications have been developed.

VCL has a strong expertise in detecting and tracking objects for multiple applications in the security domain. Some examples are presented here.

– Pedestrian
Some examples of pedestrian detection in busy urban environments are provided below.

Person Tracking Ex. 01

Person Tracking Ex. 02

Person Tracking Ex. 03

Person Tracking Ex. 04

Person Tracking Ex. 05

Person Tracking Ex. 06
– Face
An example of face detection in busy urban environments is provided below.

Face Detection Ex. 01
– Vehicle/Plate
Some examples of vehicle detection in busy roads are provided below.

Vehicle Tracking Ex. 01
Οbserve, detect and track vehicles within traffic surveillance systems

Vehicle Tracking Ex. 02

Vehicle Tracking Ex. 03

Vehicle Tracking Ex. 04

Vehicle Tracking Ex. 05

Vehicle Tracking Ex. 06

Vehicle Tracking Ex. 07

Vehicle Tracking Ex. 08

Vehicle Tracking Ex. 09

Vehicle Tracking Ex. 10
Some examples of UAV detection in different distances are provided below.

UAV Detection Ex. 01

UAV Detection Ex. 02

UAV Detection Ex. 03