Super-Recognisers Assessment tool

A growing body of recent literature has been devoted to understanding individual differences in face recognition, and the core attributes of people with exceptional face memory skills. Super-Recognisers (SRs), who compared
with the typical population, score higher on tests assessing face perception, simultaneous face matching, and familiar and unfamiliar face recognition, while performing at about the same level as controls at object recognition, which suggests that SR, like DP is primarily face-specific.

Forensic interest in SRs is a consequence of police procedures being improved by deploying individuals who
possess superior face recognition abilities. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) surveillance is prevalent worldwide and continued widespread international installation, producing ever higher quality images, is expected. CCTV footage of a crime scene provides a permanent record of events and of suspects involved and it can have a powerful impact in court. It is clear that to make the best evidential use of images; for instance, when conducting reviews of large quantities of footage, police could more effectively deploy SRs who are exceptionally good at identifying suspects from such evidence.

For this purpose, VCL has created a crowdsourcing, micro-tasking tool that may serve two distinct purposes; assessing the performance of candidate SRs and to improve the distribution of recognition tasks to all SRs of a certain team. An example of the tool and how it can be used is provided in the following video.

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