Dataset of multiple Kinect2 RGB-D streams

The dataset was recorded with a multi-Kinect2 capturing setup in a circular configuration. It includes the RGB-D streams from the multiple Kinect2 devices, along with the necessary calibration and synchronization information. For each capture, all data are included in a .zip file. The data from a single RGB-D sensor are written in a custom file format (.scnz), which uses lossless compression for depth and JPEG compression for RGB.

Performance Capture Dataset2 Apart from the data below, you can also download: The necessary documentation is included in  a “HowTo.pdf” file, for each of the above downloads. For further details and any clarification, please contact: dalexiad(at)
Details and download: We have 10 sequences, with 4 different actors, one female (“Lenia”) in 6 sequences and 3 males (“Alexandros”, “Apostolakis” and “Dalexiad”) in 4 sequences, performing a set of various motions that range from simple ones to punch and kick actions or fast athletic movements. The 4 male sequences are long, consisting of more than 12700frames and were acquired with the Kinect sensors placed on a circle of radious 2.5m. The six “Lenia” sequences consist of more than 3500frames and were recorded with the Kinect placed at sightly larger distances, 3m. Thus, we have totally approximately 11 minutes of action at apprx. 25fps.
Sequence name Download link Download size
“Lenia1” ~0.9 GB
“Lenia2” ~1.3 GB
“Lenia3” ~0.9 GB
“Lenia4” ~1.3 GB
“Lenia5” ~1.1 GB
“Lenia6” ~1.3 GB
“Alexandros” ~5.4 GB
“Apostolakis1” ~7.4 GB
“Apostolakis2” ~6.4 GB
“Dalexiad” ~6.4 GB
Data with known Ground Truth:
Sequence name Download link Download size
“VDalexiad” ~244 MB
“VDalexiad Ground Truth” ~960 MB
“VLenia” ~162 MB
“VLenia Ground Truth” ~789 MB
“VApostolakis” ~218 MB
“VApostolakis Ground Truth” ~840 MB


For any questions or details regarding the data, please contact