WEEE-Disassembly-Screw-Dataset   General:   The introduced screw dataset comprises a wide variety of device types, including damaged and

UAVA: A Dataset for UAV Assistant Tasks Overview UAVA is specifically designed for fostering applications which consider UAVs and humans as coopera

HUMAN4D: A Human-centric Multimodal Dataset for Motions & Immersive Media * At this moment, the paper of this dataset is under review. The data

The Greek Sign Language (GSL) Dataset Abstract The Greek Sign Language (GSL) is a large-scale RGB+D dataset, suitable for Sign Language Recognition

GAze on TArget Dataset General GAze on TArget (GATA) dataset is a large-scale annotated gaze dataset, tailored for training deep learning architect

  360D Dataset - 360D Indoor Scenes with Ground Truth Depth Annotations 360D Dataset Overview bla bla bla Showcase color depth color dept

Medical image processing Automatic segmentation of deep brain structures in MR images has attracted considerable scientific attention due to the wi

Hippocampus segmentation masks from brain MRIs Segmentation masks of the Hippocampus from 23 randomly selected images from the OASIS dataset &

In this page, you can find the supplementary material for the paper entitled “An integrated platform for live 3D human reconstruction and mot

The dataset was recorded with a multi-Kinect2 capturing setup in a circular configuration. It includes the RGB-D streams from the multiple Kinect2

The data were obtained using two different capturing setups, both with multiple Kinects2 in a circular configuration. Small-area configuration (S):

his dataset was created by the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas-Information Technologies Institute (CERTH-ITI), Greece and the Pathology D

This dataset contains cases of breast carcinoma histological specimens received at the Department of Pathology, “Agios Pavlos” General

The CERTH-SOR3D dataset consists of over 20k instances of human-object interactions. The capturing process involved three synchroniz

More Details:

This dataset contains 750 videos from 15 subjects. We designed a list of body actions and facial expressions commonly encountered during typical ga

Three different capturing setups are realized, each with 5 Kinects in a circular configuration. The third capturing setup is the one used in the &l

Multimodal search deals with search for media items of multiple types (e.g. images, 3D objects, videos, sounds, text and their combinations) using

The CERTH/ITI dataset of Kinect-based 3D scans The CERTH/ITI dataset of Kinect-based 3D scans consists of multi-view range scans of small-sized obj

A synthetic dataset, appropriate for the evaluation of 3D object recognition algorithms, is provided here. The library contains 20 3D models, with

A pre-segmented dataset for online human action detection and recognition from MoCap data, consisting of 15 subjects performing 15 exercises 2-3 ti