Media & Content Convergence

In the pre-digital era the media industry had clear boundaries among different platforms (e.g. newspapers, TV, radio). The content was prepared with a certain medium in mind and large effort was required to migrate content from one medium to another.

The digital era brought new opportunities for convergence of the different communication and delivery platforms as well as new media platforms that provide personalized and engaging experiences. These new platforms enable the mobility of the content and the users among media types for enhanced user experience in content consumption. Moreover, such opportunities open to great improvements on content accessibility for people with different types of impairments (due to e.g. aging or disabilities).

The convergence of media and content enable new roles for the users as procumers (i.e. producers/consumers) that actively communicate with and within the media. Such enablers permit the collection of users’ behaviour through several feedback channels facilitating hyper-personalised services, novel forms of participatory content for e.g. social innovation and sustainable urban environments, as well as advanced content management and hybrid human-machine data analytics.

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