TRAffic VISual monitoring (2006: InfoSoc)

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Starting Date
Oct. 30, 2006
Total budget
ITI budget
Scientific responsible
Dr. Petros Daras


The objective of TRAVIS is to create a smart system for the tracking of moving objects (targets) which is based on a network of autonomous smart tracking units that receive sequences of images from a network of pre-calibrated visual sensors. The fundamental goal of TRAVIS is the production of a moving target tracking system which is fully scalable and parameterized and can be applied in a very broad field of applications in the future. By the end of the project, two suggestive applications of this system will be developed, each covering the control and surveillance in a different field of application. The first one is about the security of road transportation and the second is about aircraft transportation:

  • A system for the traffic control in a highway tunnel:
    The target of the first application which is going to be developed is the surveillance of highway tunnels traffic for the purpose of tracing of events that can lead to accidents (such as passing of men, animals, falling of objects etc.). The tracing of such events will lead to instant warning of the drivers through special traffic lights that will be placed in the entrance of the tunnel in order to reduce speed and in that way prevent accidents. At the same time the system will be able to provide (i.e. in the traffic control centre) statistical information about the traffic inside the tunnel, such as traffic volume, average vehicle speed etc. and also notification for possible accidents using a user friendly graphical interface.
  • A system for the movement control on the aircraft parking spot (APRON) of airports:
    This second application is useful to the APRON controllers who are responsible for the control of the complicated movements (airplanes, cars, buses, humans, etc.) that occur at airplane parking areas. Its goal is to provide the controllers with a complete logging of traffic on the APRON in order to facilitate the traffic management, to provide instant warning and possible accident avoidance and finally to help the surveillance of parked aircrafts and increase security levels at the airport.  

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