A low-cost performance analysis and coaching system for tennis

P. Kelly
J. D. Perez-Moneo Agapito
C. Conaire
D. Monaghan
J. Kuklyte
D. Connaghan
P. Daras
N. O’Connor
ACM MultiMedia Grand Challenge (2010).


In this paper we present an innovative and novel system for tennis performance analysis that allows coaches to review a player's match performance and provide detailed audiovisual feedback to the athlete. The system utilises a simple network of low-cost IP cameras that encompass the tennis court. A graphical user interface provides coaches with video playback feeds from multiple viewpoints, a range of intuitive tools for 2D and 3D annotation, real-time game statistics and the facility for a coach to record audio commentary. This system is specifically designed with non-professional sports clubs in mind, with an emphasis on low-cost equipment. While we focus on tennis in this work, we believe our system can be generalised to a wide range of other sports. View