A Novel Multi-Modal Framework For Migrants Integration Based On AI Tools And Digital Companion

D. Martın-Gutierrez
G. Hernandez-Penaloza
T. Semertzidis
F. Moreno
M. Lazaridis
F. Alvarez
P. Daras
In IEEE ICME Workshop on ICT and Multimedia Tools for Migrants Inclusion in Host societies (WIMMIH2020), London, England, July 7-11, 2020.


ICT have proven to provide significant aid for appropriate integration of migrants. These tools can support the inclusion by providing guidance, education opportunities, job seeking, culture immersion and facilitating access to primary services. In this paper, a complete framework for migrants (with special focus on refugees) guidance and inclusion is presented. This framework comprises a set of novel AI tools aimed at enabling mentioned services from diverse perspectives: a) users' profiling; b) skills matching c) recommendations; d) user profiling and e) digital companion. Consideration about data collection, data flow, architecture and interactions are provided.