A novel prototype for documentation and retrieval of 3D objects

E. Onasoglou
A. Mademlis
D. Katsikas
P. Daras
M. G. Strintzis
IEEE International Workshop on Visual and Multimedia Digital Libraries (VMDL 2007), Modena, Italy, Sep 2007.


In this paper a working Multimedia Asset Management system is presented which provides the means for storage, annotation, retrieval and re-use of any multimedia data such as 3D objects, images, sound, video and text. The working prototype is modular, customizable, secure, offers intranet and Internet connectivity and also software inter-operability as it can be compatible with various wellknown, established database and ontology standards. The main innovative aspects of the proposed system are the efficient combination of the semantic aspects with multimedia data and the retrieval engine of the system which combines state-of-the-art 3D content-based algorithms and novel semantic driven, relevance feedback methods. View