An Integrated Support System for People with Intellectual Disability

M. Papadogiorgaki
N. Grammalidis
A. Grammatikopoulou
K. Apostolidis
E.S. Bei
K. Grigoriadis
S. Zafeiris
G. Livanos
V. Mezaris
M.E. Zervakis
Electronics 2023, 12, 3803


People with Intellectual Disability (ID) encounter several problems in their daily living regarding their needs, activities, interrelationships, and communication. On this concept, an interactive platform is proposed, aiming to provide personalized recommendations for information and entertainment, including creative and educational activities, tailored to the special users’ needs of this population. Furthermore, the proposed platform integrates capabilities of automatic recognition of health related emergencies, such as fever, oxygen saturation decline and tachycardia, as well as location tracking and detection of wandering behavior based on smartwatch/smartphone sensors, while providing automated assistance and appropriate alerts and notifications to the caregivers.