Automatic creation of 3D environments from a single sketch using Content Centric Networks

T. Semertzidis
P. Daras
P. Moore
L. Makris
M. G. Strintzis
Communications Magazine, IEEE , vol.49, no.3, pp.152-157, March 2011,


In this article a complete and innovative system for automatic creation of 3D environments from multimedia content available in the network is presented. The core application provides an interface where the user sketches in 2D the scene that s/he aims to build. Moreover, the GUI application exploits the similarity search and retrieval capabilities of search-enabled content-centric networks to fetch 3D models that are similar to the drawn 2D objects. The retrieved 3D models act as the building components for the automatically constructed 3D scene. Two CCN-based applications are also described, which perform the query routing and similarity search on each node of the CCN network. View