Blending Real with Virtual in 3D Life

K. Apostolakis
D. Alexiadis
P. Daras
D. Monaghan
N. E. O’Connor
B. Prestele
P. Eisert
G. Richard
Q. Zhang
E. Izquierdo
M. B. Moussa
N. Magnenat-Thalmann
WIAMIS 2013, 14th International Workshop on Image and Audio Analysis for Multimedia Interactive Services July 3-5, 2013, Paris, France


Part of 3DLife's major goal to bring the 3D media Internet to life, concerns the development and wide-spread distribution of online tele-immersive (TI) virtual environments. As the techniques powering challenging tasks for user reconstruction and activity tracking within a virtual environment are maturing, along with consumer-grade availability of specialized hardware, this paper focuses on the simple practices used to make real-time tele-immersion within a networked virtual world a reality. View