Introducing a Unified Framework for Content Object Description

P. Daras
A. Axenopoulos
V. Darlagiannis
D. Tzovaras
X. Le Bourdon
L. Joyeux
A. Verroust-Blondet
V. Croce
T. Steiner
A. Massari
A. Camurri
S. Morin
A-D. Mezaour
L. Sutton
S. Spiller
International Journal of Multimedia Intelligence and Security, Special Issue on “Challenges in Scalable Context Aware Multimedia Computing”, Volume 2, Number 3–4/2011, DOI 10.1504/IJMIS.2011.044765, Pages: 351-375, January 2012


In this paper, a novel framework for description of rich media content is introduced. Firstly, the concept of 'content objects' is provided. Content objects are rich media presentations, enclosing different types of media, along with real-world information and user-related information. These highly complex presentations require a suitable description scheme in order to be searched and retrieved by end users. Therefore, a novel rich unified content description is analysed, which provides a uniform descriptor for all types of content objects irrespective of the underlying media and accompanying information. View