Multi-sensor technology and fuzzy logic for dancer’s motion analysis and performance evaluation within a 3D virtual environment

A. Kitsikidis
K. Dimitropoulos
E. Yilmaz
S. Douka
N. Grammalidis
HCI Internation 2014, Heraklion, Greece, 22-27 June 2014.


In this paper, we describe a novel methodology for dance learning and evaluation using multi-sensor and 3D gaming technology. The learners are captured during dancing, while an avatar visualizes their motion using fused in-put from multiple sensors. Motion analysis and fuzzy-logic are employed for the evaluation of the learners' performance against the performance of an ex-pert. Specifically, a two level Fuzzy Inference System is proposed which uses as input low level skeletal data and high level motion recognition probabilities for the evaluation of dancer's performance. Tests with real dancers, both learn-ers and experts, dancing Tsamiko, a very popular traditional Greek dance, are presented showing the potential of the proposed method. View