Nadine-Bot: An Open Domain Migrant Integration Administrative Agent

A. Lelis
N. Vretos
P. Daras
In IEEE ICME Workshop on ICT and Multimedia Tools for Migrants Inclusion in Host societies (WIMMIH2020), London, England, July 7-11, 2020.


This paper proposes a conversational agent - chatbot framework that adopts a two-step text similarity approach in order to retrieve relevant answers from large knowledge bases. The proposed "NADINE-bot" is an online question-answer (QA) system able to respond to asylum seekers and other vulnerable migrants' categories about EU related administrative questions, in their native language. The developed agent combines several state-of-the-art models in order to initially retrieve the most relevant document and then, by splitting it into paragraphs, it seeks for an answer in the most relevant paragraph. The NADINE-bot working knowledge source is a collection of administrative tasks, related frequently asked questions (FAQs) concerning EU countries of reception. Nonetheless, for testing purposes the methodology has been applied it to a vast collection of Wikipedia articles, displaying satisfactory results.