Quality of Life Support System for People with Intellectual Disability

M. Papadogiorgaki
V. Mezaris
N. Grammalidis
K. Grigoriadis
E.S. Bei
G. Livanos
M.E. Zervakis
in ACM International Conference on PErvasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments, June, 2020.


People with intellectual disabilities (ID) encounter several problems regarding the interaction with their environment in terms of their daily needs, activities and communication. On this concept, an interactive support system with multiple functionalities is proposed, aiming at optimizing the opportunities provided to people with ID in order to cope with particular everyday issues. Specifically, it will provide information as well as entertainment, including creative and educational activities, through specialized learning programs. Additionally, it will automatically recognize health emergency situations, provide appropriate notifications, feature an emergency call button to contact the responsible caregivers, and support interaction using a specialized voice menu of instructions. The final system will be developed within a Greek research project and a pilot implementation will be evaluated by a Greek association of people with ID. The ultimate goal is to provide an affordable and user-friendly solution, tailored to the users' needs.