SHREC’09 Track: Structural Shape Retrieval on Watertight Models

J. Hartveldt
M. Spagnuolo
A. Axenopoulos
S. Biasotti
P. Daras
H. Dutagaci
T. Furuya
A. Godil
X. Li
A. Mademlis
S. Marini
T. Napoleon
R. Ohbuchi
M. Tezuka
30th International conference on EUROGRAPHICS 2009, workshop on 3D object retrieval, Munich, Germany, Mar 2009


The annual SHape REtrieval Contest (SHREC) measures the performance of 3D model retrieval methods for several different types of models and retrieval purposes. In this contest the structural shape retrieval track focuses on the retrieval of 3d models which exhibit a relevant similarity in the shape structure. Shape structure is typically characterised by features like protrusions, holes and concavities. It defines relationships in which components of the shape are connected. View