Social media interaction and analytics for enhanced educational experiences

G. Palaiokrassas
A. Voulodimos
K. Konstanteli
N. Vretos
D. S. Osborne
E. Chatzi
P. Daras
T. Varvarigou
IEEE Multimedia Magazine, 23(1), 26-35.


In this paper we present an innovative system based on social media and high quality multimedia content delivery designed to enhance the educational experiences of students in cultural centers and museums. The system brings together students that are viewing an educational movie with a panel of experts that may be geographically dispersed, and engages them in an exciting social media experience via which they can interact with each other as well as with the remote experts. We employ appropriate methodologies for monitoring and analysing social network activity in order to extract valuable information from the social network activity and use it to seamlessly annotate in real-time the presented educational movie using anthropocentric semantic extraction based on MPEG-7. In this way, the multimedia content of the presented movie can be easily reviewed by multiple geographically dispersed individuals, and improved afterwards according to the received feedback, thus maximising the benefit for students, teachers and content producers alike. View