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Senior Researcher
+30 2310 464160, press 145
Building B – Office 0.18

Dr. Dimitrios Zarpalas

Dimitrios Zarpalas is a senior researcher (grade C) at the Information Technologies Institute (ITI) of the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH). He holds the diploma of Electrical and Computer Engineer from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, A.U.Th, an MSc in computer vision from The Pennsylvania State University, and a PhD in medical informatics (Health Science School, department of Medicine, A.U.Th).

He joined ITI in 2008, as an Associate Researcher. His main research interest are on 3D/4D computer vision and machine learning, such as tele-immersion applications: 4D reconstruction of moving humans, their hologram compression and transmission in real-time; 3D motion capturing, analysis and evaluation; 3D object recognition and 3D shape descriptor extraction; 3D medical image processing, shape analysis of anatomical structures; while in the past has also worked in indexing, search and retrieval and classification of 3D objects, proteins and 3D model watermarking. He has (co-)authored more than 90 papers in peer reviewed international journals, conference proceedings, and books (including one IEEE Distinguished paper and one IEEE conference best paper award).

Finally, he is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of D-Cube, a spin-off company of CERTH/ITI (www.d-cube.eu).