Audio-visual content search and retrieval in a distributed P2P repository (2007: IST)

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Funding Organization
European Commission
Funding Programme
IST: Information Society Technologies
Funding Instument
Starting Date
Oct. 30, 2007
Total budget
ITI budget
Scientific responsible
Dr. Petros Daras


In light of three dimensional (3D) object retrieval evolving from text annotation to content- based and from standalone applications to web-based search engines, the creation of a search engine for 3D and multimedia distributed content into Peer-to-Peer (Ρ2Ρ) and mobile Ρ2Ρ (m-Ρ2Ρ) networks, is proposed. Driven by the very successful concept of Wikipedia (, the first goal of the proposed project is to create the first distributed Visual Object – MultiPedia - Repository in which any peer can contribute to.

The main differences between VICTORY and any known knowledge repository, is that, firstly, any visual information will be described as MultiPedia object (3D object along with its accompanied information - 2D views, text, audio, video), and secondly, the distributed nature of the repository.

VICTORY’s main objective is to create a MultiPedia search engine based on the 3D objects. The user will be able to use as input any Multipedia object or a combination of them. The retrieved content will contain 3D objects and their accompanied mixed-media, such as 3D objects, images, text files, video and audio and it will be accessible from both mobile devices (cell-phones, PDAs, etc.) and standard PCs. By doing so, the heavy tasks of feature extraction, indexing and storage of 3D data is distributed into peers, and the same time another aspect to searching, in addition to the filename-based method prevalent in Ρ2Ρ applications, is introduced.

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