Visual SEarch ENgine

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Starting Date
Jan. 1, 2020
Total budget
ITI budget
Scientific responsible
Dr. Petros Daras


The main objective of VSEEN project is to develop an innovative digital suite for fashion image search and analytics in online clothing stores. VSEEN’s goal is to provide a new service experience and increase customer satisfaction by offering “Visual Commerce tools”. Specifically, when a consumer navigates a product page, the “Visual Recommendation System” will suggest products that are similar to this product in shape, color or pattern. Additionally, the “Visual Search Engine” will give consumers the opportunity to search for products either through a picture taken at the moment or via an image uploaded from their device’s gallery.

Last but not least, VSEEN is envisaged to provide a search feature based on product images within an eCommerce through a “drug and drop” process in a search box or by clicking a select button next to the image. Search results will include similar products based on color, size or pattern. Inventory management and trend analysis utilities will also be developed as part of the project. The Visual Computing Lab of ITI/CERTH is responsible for developing algorithms and analysis models as well as the back-end software for data management.

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