AVoidX: An Augmented VR Game

R. Athanasoulas
P. Boutis
A. Chatzitofis
A. Doumanoglou
P. Drakoulis
L. Saroglou
V. Sterzentsenko
N. Zioulis
D. Zarpalas
P. Daras
In International Conference on Virtual Reality (IEEE VR), March 22-26, 2020.


The recent advances in real-time volumetric capturing enable new interaction paradigms in virtual environments. Volumetric representations can elevate the feeling of presence, and therefore increase the user immersion by emplacing them within virtual environments allowing them to occupy space. This research demonstration aims to showcase the possibilities offered by real-time volumetric capturing in an Augmented VR context. More specifically, a novel single-player obstacle avoidance game is presented where the users try to avoid collision with incoming carved walls by moving their actual bodies.