Common Operational Picture and Interconnected Tools for Disaster Response: The FASTER Toolkit

K. Konstantoudakis
K. Christaki
D. Sainidis
I. Babic
D. G. Kogias
G. Inglese
L. Bruno
G. Giunta
C. Z. Patrikakis
O. Balet
C. Rossi
A. Dimou
P. Daras
Public Administration and Information Technology, vol 40. Springer, Cham


The planning and execution of disaster response missions are complex and multifaceted tasks that need to consider and coordinate personnel and other resources while tracking the progress of the event. Innovative technical tools can both increase situational awareness and provide an interface for information display and mission management. The FASTER project has developed multiple innovative tools for disaster response and integrated them in a common operational picture (COP) aiming to provide a unified dashboard to first responders at multiple levels (commander, team leader, responder, or volunteer). The FASTER COP allows the display of information in easily toggle-able layers and provides a front end to direct both human personnel and unmanned vehicles. Connected tools include wearables for personnel and K9 units for localization, communication, and health tracking; drone applications for automated mapping and emergency supply delivery; AI applications for scene analysis; shared points of interest; a chatbot to collect information from volunteers and citizens; and a mission management module coordinating all of the above. This chapter presents the FASTER COP, its connected tools, the system’s architecture, and its use on the field.