PROTEIN AI Advisor: A Knowledge-Based Recommendation Framework Using Expert-Validated Meals for Healthy Diets

K. Stefanidis
D. Tsatsou
D. Konstantinidis
L. Gymnopoulos
P. Daras
S. Wilson-Barnes
K. Hart
V. Cornelissen
E. Decorte
E. Lalama
A. Pfeiffer
M. Hassapidou
I. Pagkalos
A. Argiriou
K. Rouskas
S. Hadjidimitriou
V. Charisis
S. Balula Dias
J. Alves Diniz
G. Telo
H. Silva
A. Bensenousi
K. Dimitropoulos
Nutrients 14, no. 20: 4435


AI-based software applications for personalized nutrition have recently gained increasing attention to help users follow a healthy lifestyle. In this paper, we present a knowledge-based recommendation framework that exploits an explicit dataset of expert-validated meals to offer highly accurate diet plans spanning across ten user groups of both healthy subjects and participants with health conditions. The proposed advisor is built on a novel architecture that includes (a) a qualitative layer for verifying ingredient appropriateness, and (b) a quantitative layer for synthesizing meal plans. The first layer is implemented as an expert system for fuzzy inference relying on an ontology of rules acquired by experts in Nutrition, while the second layer as an optimization method for generating daily meal plans based on target nutrient values and ranges. The system’s effectiveness is evaluated through extensive experiments for establishing meal and meal plan appropriateness, meal variety, as well as system capacity for recommending meal plans. Evaluations involved synthetic data, including the generation of 3000 virtual user profiles and their weekly meal plans. Results reveal a high precision and recall for recommending appropriate ingredients in most user categories, while the meal plan generator achieved a total recommendation accuracy of 92% for all nutrient recommendations.