Service Development Kit for Media-Type Virtualized Network Services in 5G Networks

R. F. Ustok
U. Acar
S. Keskin
D. Breitgand
A. Weit
P. Drakoulis
A. Doumanoglou
N. Zioulis
D. Zarpalas
P. Daras
F. Iadanza
IEEE Communications Magazine, 58(7), pp. 51-57, 2020.


Network functions virtualization (NFV) attributes to the substitute of network functions on dedicated appliances such as load balancers and routers with the use of virtualized instances running as software. Any enterprise can easily implement a wide array of network functions using NFV while maximizing efficiencies and introducing new revenue-generating services that are significantly faster and easier than ever before. NFV is a key enabler of the coming 5G infrastructure, supporting the virtualization of various appliances in the network. The scope of this document is to provide a comprehensive overview of the development of NFV-based services, media services in particular, and their specific requirements that are addressed in existing service development kits (SDKs). By supplying an overview of available tools, the development workflow of an example use case on immersive media is demonstrated with an SDK that provides a set of open source tools facilitating the development of media applications.