Technological module for unsupervised, personalized cardiac rehabilitation exercising

A. Chatzitofis
D. Zarpalas
D. Filos
A. Triantafyllidis
I. Chouvarda
N. Maglaveras
P. Daras
Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE 41st Annual Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC 2017), July 4-8, 2017, Turin, Italy.


Cardiac Rehabilitation (CR) can significantly improve mortality and morbidity rates from Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD). Nevertheless, traditional CR is diminished by low subsequent adherence rates. Thus, in this paper, an eHealth technological module for human motion analysis and user modelling is proposed, in order to address the requirements of unsupervised, tele-rehabilitation systems for CVD, by evaluating and personalizing prescribed physical CR programs. The proposed module consists of a) an exercise capturing and evaluation component, and b) a user modelling and decision support system for personalization of cardiac rehabilitation programs. In particular, the module monitors and analyses the body movements of the patient when exercising in real-time, while based on this analysis and the heart-rate measurements, it is capable of short-term and long-term CR session adaptation. The proposed module constitutes a significant tool for internetenabled sensor-based home exercise platforms. View