Towards User Generated AR Experiences

R. Whitehand
G. Albanis
N. Zioulis
W. Bailer
D. Zarpalas
P. Daras
IMX 2021: ACM International Conference on Interactive Media Experiences, Virtual.


Communication with a customer or future user during the planning and design phase is crucial in applications such as interior design and furniture retailing. Augmented Reality (AR) has the potential to make these communication processes highly effective and provide a better experience for the customer. Current AR authoring solutions are quite complex and require manually creating scenes or rely on objects prepared with even more complex applications such as CAD tools. However, both design experts and their customers often lack the IT skills to use these tools. In addition, many practical cases involve changing reality rather than just adding to it, thus requiring the use of Diminished Reality (DR) technologies. This paper presents a comprehensive analysis of the requirements of both professionals and consumers (gathered using user surveys and individual interviews) for a lightweight and automated authoring process of AR and DR experiences, deriving a set of requirements that can be aligned with state of the art technologies and identifying a number of challenges for AR research.