Enabling Gesture-based Controls for First Responders and K9 Units

A. Vlachopoulos
H. Georgiou
A. Tzeletopoulou
P. Kasnesis
C. Chatzigeorgiou
D.G. Kogias
C.Z. Patrikakis
G. Albanis
K. Konstantoudakis
A. Dimou
P. Daras
in 7th International Conference on Civil Protection and New Technologies - Safe Greece 2020, October 14-16, 2020.


Search & Rescue (SAR) operations often require the full attention and movement-dedication of First Responders (FR) in specific high-priority tasks, other than controlling a device or generating a message. In this work, novel technologies of wearables for FRs and K9 units in SAR operations are presented. The first goal is to provide alternative and complementary, low-overhead means of messaging in highly-demanding environments. The second goal is to use such platforms as control apparatus that significantly lowers the workload for FRs when controlling complex equipment like robots. These technologies are currently under development and already prototyped as part of the SAR Kit of the FASTER project, which is to begin field testing activities this year.